What sets me apart in the sector is my candid documentary approach and a decidedly artistic vision towards photography. My goal is to use photography to tell the story and not to dictate it for you.

Passion. This is the best way to describe my work, my attitude, and my desire to create images for a couple in love.

The path I have followed has allowed me to evolve into the present and I am extremely honored every time someone allows me to photograph their wedding.

Unlike traditional photographers, my style is unique and creative. The photo session will be sparkling in its approach, your experience will be fun and unforgettable.

After graduating in 1998 as an “Electronic Industries Technician”, I continued my humanistic education at the conservatory, obtaining a first level degree in “Master of Transverse Flute” in 2001. Meanwhile, the passion for photography passed down to me from my father was burning in me when in 2004 I attended my first photography course applied to cinema. So in the summer of that year I left for Irpinia to shoot my first film on 35mm film. It is an unforgettable experience that allowed me to get to know the film set and to be alongside the director of photography Elio Bisignani. The following September, once filming was over, I packed up my bags and moved to Rome
From here my training experience intensifies, starting to collaborate first at Cinecitt√† in the cinematographic field and then continuing at RAI, Mediaset and SKY. In 2006 I met the director of photography Italo Petriccione and attended his “Direction of Photography” course in Bologna.
After a wonderful work experience that saw me moved to Rome for 6 years alongside the greatest professionals in Italy, I decided to return to my “homeland”. So, with great satisfaction, in February 2011 I opened the photographic studio in Alcamo specializing in ceremonies, sporting events and advertising.

I believe that my sensitivity towards people’s emotions combined with experience provides me with an extremely unique vision and gives me perspective on how to photograph the most important day in the life of a couple in love.

My goal is to capture your essence by telling, through images, the day in its naturalness through an artistic interpretation together with some of the traditional aspects of wedding photography.

I invite you to enjoy this site to realize my consistency between what I write and the work carried out.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and thanks for stopping by!